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1 Watt Resistor pack of 5, Carbon Film Resistor NEW




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1 watt Resistor

These are made up of carbon film with wire leads for through-hole mounting. It act to reduce current flow and withstand up to 1 watt, and, at the same time, act to lower voltage levels within circuits. These do not have any polarity.

These are also available in different wattage ratings, 1/2 watt and 1/4 watt.


  • 1W Rating Power
  • +/-5% Resistance Tolerance
  • 250V Withstand Voltage 


In electronic circuits, these are used to limit current flow, to adjust signal levels, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines among other uses. They are also used in applications requiring high pulse stability.


5 x 1 watt resistor

Resistor Colour Code

Colour Digit Multiplier Tolerance
Black 0 1  
Brown 1 10 ± 1%
Red 2 100 ± 2%
Orange 3 1,000  
Yellow 4 10,000  
Green 5 100,000 ± 0.5%
Blue 6 1,000,000 ± 0.25%
Violet 7 10,000,000 ± 0.1%
Grey 8 ± 0.05%
White 9  
Gold 0.1 ± 5%
Silver 0.01 ± 10%
None ± 20%


The “left-hand” or the most significant coloured band is the band which is nearest to a connecting lead with the colour coded bands being read from left-to-right as follows:

Digit, Digit, Multiplier = Colour, Colour x 10 colour  in Ohm’s (Ω)

The fourth and fifth bands are used to determine the percentage tolerance of the resistor. Resistor tolerance is a measure of the resistors variation from the specified resistive value and is a consequence of the manufacturing process and is expressed as a percentage of its “nominal” or preferred value.

Typical resistor tolerances for film resistors range from 1% to 10% while carbon resistors have tolerances up to 20%. with tolerances lower than 2% are called precision resistors with the or lower tolerance resistors being more expensive.

Most five band resistors are precision with tolerances of either 1% or 2% while most of the four band have tolerances of 5%, 10% and 20%. The colour code used to denote the tolerance rating of a resistor is given as:

Brown = 1%, Red = 2%, Gold = 5%, Silver = 10 %

If resistor has no fourth tolerance band then the default tolerance would be at 20%.


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