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300 RPM DC Geared Motor- Centre Shaft - HIGH QUALITY


300 RPM DC Geared Motor

  • Suggestible for the rudimentary applications such as Basic Robots, All Terrain Vehicles, RC Cars etc.
  • The shaft consists of a threaded hole for convenient coupling of the wheels.
  • Gearbox is greased and fastened to reduce the friction between the rotating gears making it close to zero maintenance.
  •  Speed at no load (RPM) : 300
  • Operating voltage(volts)  : 12
  • Gear material  : METAL
  • The dimensions of the motor are attached with the description.

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300 RPM DC Geared Motor, is one of the most basic and widely used geared DC motors. This motor consists of a base motor and the gearbox, gearbox is enclosed with plastic housing. Gears are attached within the circular gearbox which helps to cut back the speed and aggrandise the torque of the motor gearbox assembly. The output shaft is 6mm in diameter and is located at the centre of the circular gearbox, a shaft consisting of hole with M3 thread convenient for the attachment of the wheel.

The DC geared motor is uncomplicated and effortlessly available, hence making it to use in all fundamental robotic applications. This motor has low stall current and is likely compatible with L298N H-bridge motor driver module and Arduino, using which the direction of rotation of the motor and speed of it can be controlled. 

Since this motor embodies a center shaft, thread and nut system at the stem of the shaft, makes it easy to mount on the chassis of the robot using the mounting clamp. And since the shaft contained with the threaded hole makes it easy to mount readily available 65mm diameter  wheels or any other wheels with 6mm bore.




Gear Materia metal
Rated RPM 300
Operating Voltage(VDC) 12
Rated Torque(kg-cm) 1.2
Stall Torque(Kg-Cm) 3.5
Load Current(A) 0.3
No-Load Current 60mA
Gearbox Diameter (mm) 37
Motor Diameter(mm) 32
Motor Length(mm) 75
Shaft Diameter (mm) 6
Shaft Length (mm) 22
Weight (gm) 80
Shipment Weight 0.195 kg
Shipment Dimensions 10 x 5 x 5 cm



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