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6mm Brass Hex Coupler for wheels-HIGH QUALITY


6mm Brass Hex Coupler for wheels

  1. Type: Hexagonal coupling.
  2. Material: brass.
  3. Inner diameter: 6 mm.
  4. Total length: 30 mm.
  5. Size of Hex Socket(Long Diagonal): 14mm
  6. Weight: 50gm

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The 6mm Hex coupling for Robot Smart Car Wheel 30mm Length is a compact coupling for joining your motor to the smart car wheel. They are mostly seen in smart cars, robotic vehicles or small robots.

6mm Hex Coupling is made from high-quality brass which allows you to connect the shaft of the motor and hub of the wheel. It equips hexagonal socket through which you can connect the hub of the wheel at one end of the coupling. The other hollow end of the coupling is connected to the motor shaft.

They have very simple structure and installation also doesn’t require any special skills. It requires no maintenance except tightening the screws when needed.

It safely transfers the rotating power of your motor shaft to the robotic vehicle wheel. The motors with hole diameter 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm are compatible with this 6mm Hex coupling of 30mm length.



Material  brass
Inner diameter 6mm
Outer diameter 11mm
Size of hex socket 14mm diagonal
Length  30mm
Weight  50gm


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