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DIP switch 2.54mm Pitch 4 Position slide NEW


4-Position DIP Switch

  • Package/Case – PDIP-8
  • Mounting Type – Through Hole
  • Switch Type – Miniature Slide Switch (x4)
  • Maximum Voltage – 24VDC


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4-Position DIP Switch

A DIP switch or a dual in-line package switch, is actually set of small manual electronic switches that are designed to be packaged with other circuits. The term DIP switch may refer either to an individual switch on a multi-switch unit, or to the entire unit as a whole.

In a nutshell, the role of DIP switches is to allow users to control the flow of electricity around a printed circuit board (PCB), expansion card or other electronics/computer peripheral, and therefore change the operating mode of a device.

When installed on a PCB alongside other electrical components, DIP switches offer the potential for the user to customise the behaviour of the electronic device in question, enabling fuller control over the precise function the device will perform in a range of defined scenarios or applications. These are typically presented as a row of tiny toggle (on/off) switches, rather like a series of miniature standard light switches, mounted sequentially on a block of heat-resistant thermoplastic polymer.

DIP Switch 4-Position provides four independent ON/OFF slide switches in a small package. It is also available in 8-Position for higher application

SPDT switches are one of the variance of these switches. Get different switches for different applications at


Common applications for these switches in modern devices and circuits include:

  • Configuration of a wide range of options on PC hardware and peripherals
  • This includes motherboards, video cards, hard drives, modems, expansion modules and other accessories or auxiliary components
  • They’re commonly used in universal/multi-device remote controls to prevent electrical interference leading to accidental control of an unintended device. In this case, these switches will be used to set a different radio frequency for each pairing of transmitter and receiver


Switch Type Miniature Slide Switch (x4)  
Contact Style SPST (ON – OFF)
Maximum Current  Switching 50mA
Non-Switching 100mA
Maximum Voltage 24VDC

Package Includes :

1 x 4-Position DIP Switch


Package/Case PDIP-8
Mounting Type Through Hole



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