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Ebike MY1016Z2 , 250W Geared Motor-HIGH QUALITY


Ebike MY1016Z2

Rating: 250W 24V

rpm    :337

Geared DC motor

For e-bike bicycle and combat robotics

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Ebike MY1016Z2 250W   337RPM is the most efficient in range available when comparing it with its price and also the size to power output ratio. These E bikes motor are mainly used for E-bikes, any custom electric vehicles and combat robotics. Due to its compact design high torque it makes one step ahead for any DIY(do it yourself) projects, ATV, combat robotics.

      The base motor coupled to the drive trains feeds 3300 RPM, reduced with the help of gearbox with the ratio of 9.78:1 stepping down the speed to 337 RPM, aggrandize the torque of the motor.

The output shaft is supported with a pair of bearings makes it alleviating to constant and impact loads.The construction of the motor is tough and used by novice to build the robot, E-bike etc. The motor gearbox pushes the shaft out by ¾ of an inch, attached with a sprocket of 13 teeths of 12.7mm pitch fastens it with the nut, makes it easy to place it separately and transmit the power through the chain efficiently. Motor body is stretched out with mounting legs pierced with four holes making it easy to mount on a flat surface.



Power output 250 W / 24 V
RPM  337 (after gearbox reduction)
Full load current  13.4 A
No-load current 2.2 A 
Torque Stall 240 kg-cm
constant torque 80 kg-cm



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