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Flame Sensor Module NEW (HIGH RELIABILITY)


Flame Sensor Module

  • Flame Detection Sensor Module is sensitive to the flame, but also can detect ordinary light.
  • Usually used as a flame alarm.
  • Detects a flame or a light source of a wavelength in the range of 760nm-1100 nm. 
  • Detection point of about 60 degrees, particularly sensitive to the flame spectrum.

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Flame Sensor Module

Flame Sensor can be used to detect fire sources or other light sources of the wavelength in the range of 760nm – 1100 nm. It is based on the YG1006 sensor which is a high speed and high sensitive NPN silicon phototransistor. Due to its black epoxy, the sensor is sensitive to infrared radiation. Sensor can be a great addition in a fire fighting robot, it can be used as a robot eyes to find the fire source. When the sensor detects flame the Signal LED will light up and the D0 pin goes LOW.


  • High Photosensitivity
  • Fast Response Time
  • Sensitivity adjustable


  • Hydrogen stations
  • Industrial heating
  • Fire detection
  • Fire alarm
  • Fire fighting robot
  • Drying systems
  • Industrial gas turbines
  • Domestic heating systems
  • Gas-powered cooking devices


1 x Flame sensor module.


Click here to download the datasheet of  LM393.

Click here to download the datasheet of  YG1006 sensor.

Learn how to interface a Flame sensor module with an Arduino.


Working voltage 3.3V – V
Detect range 60 degrees
Output type Digital / Analog
On board chip LM393
Dimensions 3.2cm x 1.4cm


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