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GY-BMP280 module Barometric Pressure and Altitude Sensor I2C/SPI Module



  • Model: GY-BMP280-3.3
  • Chip: BMP280
  • Power supply:  3V/3.3V DC
  • Peak current: 1.12mA
  • Air pressure range : 300-1100hPa
  • Temperature range: -40 … +85 °C
  • Digital interfaces: I²C (3.4 MHz) and SPI (10 MHz)
  • Current consumption : 2.7µA @ 1 Hz sampling rate

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GY-BMP280 module Barometric Pressure and Altitude Sensor I2C/SPI Module

The GY-BMP280 Barometer Sensor is a breakout board for Bosch BMP280 high-precision and low-power digital barometer. It can be used to measure temperature and atmospheric pressure accurately. It can be connected to a microcontroller with I2C. (find out a wide range of Sensor at

The GY-BMP280 module operates from 3.3V so requires 3.3V power and must be driven with 3.3V logic levels. If needed to operate at 5V, it can be done using voltage regulator and level shifters as it doesn’t contain one. It is typically recommended to operate it on 3.3V and maximum at 3.6VDC.



Pin configuration

Pin No. Pin Name Pin Description
1 VCC Power source of 3.3VDC
2 GND Ground
3 SCL Serial Clock
4 SDA Serial Data
5 CSB CSB pin to GND to have SPI and to VCC(3.3V) for I2C. It’s an input to the chip.
6 SDO Serial Data Out / Master ISlave Out pin, for data sent from the BMP280 to your processor


The module GY-BMP280 module simply supports both I²C and SPI interfaces and comes with default I²C address of 0x76. The Chip Select (CSB) and Serial Data Output (SDO) pins of the BMP 280 are necessary only when SPI-based (four-wire) communication is applied. I2C is a two wire interface SDA SCK.

Leave pin 6 of the module (SDO) unconnected to set the I²C address to 0x76 – the on-board resistor pulls the SDO pin low setting the address to 0x76.

To change the I²C address to 0x77, connect pin 6 of the module (SDO) to Vcc which would typically be the 3.3V supply.

Pin 5 of the module (CSB) must be connected to Vcc to select the I²C interface. This is already done by an on-board pull-up resistor, so pin 5 can be left disconnected when using the I²C interface.

 Features :

  1. TheGY-BMP280 module comes with BMP280 sensor, which is an environmental sensor with temperature, barometric pressure.
  2. This sensor is great for all sorts of weather sensing and can even be used in both I2C and SPI.
  3. This precision sensor is the best low-cost, precision sensing solution for measuring barometric pressure with ±1 hPa absolute accuracy, and temperature with ±1.0°C accuracy.
  4. Accuracy between 700 to 900hPa and 25 to 40 deg. C: ±0.12hPa and ±1.0m
  5. Pin pitch: 2.54mm
  6. Module size: 11.5mm*15mm
  7. Operating Voltage: 1.71V to 3.6V – would typically be operated from 3.3V
  8. Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 deg. Celsius (full accuracy between 0 and +65 deg. C)
  9. Peak current: 1.12mA
  10. Operating Pressure: 300 hPa to 1100 hPa

Applications of GY-BMP280 Module

  • Enhancement of GPS navigation (e.g. time-to-first-fix improvement, dead-reckoning, slope detection)
  • Indoor navigation (floor detection, elevator detection)
  • Outdoor navigation, leisure and sports applications
  • Weather forecast, Home weather stations
  • Health care application (e.g. sirometry)
  • Vertical velocity indication (e.g. risk/sink speed)
  • Handsets such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, GPS devices
  • Flying toys
  • Watches

Package Includes :

1 x BMP280 Barometric Pressure and Altitude Sensor I2C/SPI Module.

1 x Header set (Without Soldering).

For more details about the BMP280 refer the datasheet :



Model:                                              GY-BMP280

Chip:                                                   BMP280

Power supply                                  3V/3.3V DC

Peak current                                    1.12

Operating Pressure                      300 hPa ~ 1100 hPa.

Operating Temperature             -40 ~ +85 °C

Digital interfaces:                          I²C ( 3.4 MHz) and SPI ( 10 MHz)

Current consumption:                 2.7µA @ 1 Hz sampling rate

Length (mm)                                   15

Width (mm)                                     12

Height (mm)                                    2

Weight (gm)                                     2

Shipment Weight                           0.095 kg

Shipment Dimensions                 4 x 4 x 2 cm


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