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Halocode Wireless single board computer

  • With Built-in Wi-Fi, Creating an IoT project has never been easier
  • Exposes Students to AI Tech, such as Speech Recognition
  • Built-in Sensors Make HaloCode a perfect learning partner.
  • Support the real Multithreading
  • The Scratch 3.0 inspired graphical programming language

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Halocode Wireless single-board computer

Makeblock Halocode is a single board computer with built-in Wi-Fi. Designed for programming education, its compact design integrates a broad selection of electronic modules. Pairing with block-based programming software mBlock, Halocode offers all sorts of opportunities to experience AI & IoT applications with just a few clicks; it makes creation easy and fun.

Highlight Features of Halocode

  • Built-in Wi-Fi modules, for everyday creations
  • Easy IoT applications: Using mBlock software*, students can connect to the Internet in just 3 simple steps. mBlock makes it easy to use IoT applications and create simple, smart home devices.
  • LAN functionality: Different Wi-Fi modules enable “wireless” or even “limitless” connections between multiple Halocodes, meaning they can provide creative effects such as dreamlike digital art.
  • Supports AI speech recognition: Featuring a microphone module and supporting mBlock-integrated Microsoft Cognitive Services, Halocode makes AI speech recognition super-easy to use. Students can learn to apply this cutting-edge technology by creating a fun, interactive playmate or voice-activated device
  • Coding made easy with multi-thread programming: 4MB of memory and an Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor empower Halocode powerful computing capabilities. It puts the “creative” back in creation, by allowing multiple programs to run simultaneously and synchronizing complex and diverse functions



Processor Core         – Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor
CPU Clock Speed     – 240Mhz

Communication       – WiFi / Bluetooth / Micro-USB Port

Onboard Memory    – Flash ROM 440K, RAM 520K

Expanded Memory  – SPI Flash 4MB, PSRAM 4MB

Onboard Components –  12 RGB LED, Motion Sensor, Microphone, Button, 4                                                          Touch Sensors ( I/O pins)

Operating Voltage        – 3.3V

Product Dimension      – 45mm in diameter

Net Weight                     – 10g


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