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Pluggable Screw Terminal Block Connector 2 Pin - 5.08mm


Screw terminal 2 pin 

  • Pins – 2
  • Pluggable crew connection with tension sleeve
  • spacing between 2 pins 5 mm
  • Orientation:  side entry
  • Mounted easily on general purpose PCBs.

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Screw terminal 2 pin 

These are side-entry screw terminal pluggable blocks. They have terminals that hold and release wires through the simple adjustment of a screw making it easy to make temporary connections to a PCB. The pitch size is 5mm. Each block has two terminals for the stripped ends of 24 – 18 AWG wires, and units can slide together to make longer strips.

These screw terminals are rated for 125 V, 10 A (UL). These blocks have a ridge on one side and a slot on the other, which allows to slide and lock together to form arbitrarily long strips.

This 2 Pin Wire to Board connector are used widely for connecting Wires to Boards, It can be for Power Supply or connecting any other peripheral like Motor to the Board. The distance between two mounting pins is in multiple of standard 5mm so that this connector can be mounted easily on general purpose PCBs.

For 3 way pluggable connections one can refer Screw-terminal 3 pin pluggable.

Features :

  • Pins – 2
  • Pluggable screw connection with tension sleeve
  • Spacing between 2 pins 5 mm
  • Orientation:  side entry
  • Current rating: 10 
  • Voltage rating: 125 
  • Wire gauge: 24-18 AWG
  • Terminal type:  screw

Applications :

  • Widely used for connecting power supply wires to boards.
  • Used to connect Motors to boards.

Package Includes:

1 x  Pluggable 2 pin Screw terminal



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