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  • Current rating –  0.3A DC
  • Voltage rating –  50V DC
  •  Circuit –  ON-ON (1P2T)
  • Timing –  Non Shorting
  • Commonly used as ON/OFF switch

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SPDT Slide Switch

This is a simple Single Pole Double Throw slide switch- commonly used as ON/OFF switch, or just as a general control switch. The pins are spaced by 0.1″, however they are incredibly thin making breadboard use not recommended. The switch is rated for 0.3A at 50VDC.

This switch is just a bit smaller than our popular SPDT Mini Power  Switch, but uses the same pin spacing. Being smaller takes up less PCB space , but it does make it a bit harder to hit and flip easily. Best alternative for these slide switch is SPDT toggle switch.They can be used for small power electronic projects.


  • These are ultra small slide switches
  • There is a hole for installation at each end of the switch
  • They can be used for small power electronic projects
  • They are essential parts for DIY
  • Compact and durable
  • Hole Diameter : Approx. 2.5mm



  • They can be used for small power electronic projects


  • Commonly used as ON/OFF switch.


1 x SPDT Switch


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