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Tower Pro MG90S Servo Motor-Metal Geared-high quality


Tower Pro MG90S Servo Motor

  1. The servo is metal geared and this is mainly used for the hobby RC projects.
  2. It finds its application also in the field of miniature robotics and automations.
  3. Stall torque when 4.8V : 2.2kg-cm.
  4. Stall torque when 6.6V : 2.5kg-cm.
  5. The servo can be operated within the voltage range of 3.0V~7.2V
  6. The servo is compatible with the radio receivers and could be directly connected.
  7. The connector of this servo comes with three coloured wires

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The TowerPro MG90S servo motor is 180degree reach servo, attached with the elbow which can be separated by detaching from the output shaft. The servo plays a significant role in the RC planes for the maneuvering of the plane. The servo needs to be fed with the PWM signal input and the supply of 5V. Tower Pro MG90S Servo Motor can be controlled either by radio transmitter and receiver or by external microcontrollers or the processors(ex: Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc).

The servo consists of a motor, potentiometer and a feedback system, all these are sealed under a servo motor casing. Metal gears of servo motors reduce the speed and elevate the torque by truncating the 360degre rotation of the motor to its half. The mounting of servo is very easy and due to its less weights could be used in the light weight projects.


  • The output torque @4.8V: 2.20 kg-cm,

    @6.0V: 2.50 kg-cm

    Operating speed @4.8V: 0.11 sec/60°,

    @6.0V: 0.10 sec/60°

    Weight of the servo 14.0 g
    Dimensions 23.0✕ 12.2 ✕29.0 mm
    Motor type 3 Pole
    Pulse width 400-2400 µs
    Rotational Range 180degree
    Gear type Metal


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