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  • Motor type: DC Toy Motor
  • Terminal: 2
  • Direction of working: Both clock and anticlockwise
  • Voltage supply range:3V to 6V
  • Typical operating voltage:5V
  • No load current:25 mA
  • No load speed:up to 14000 @6V
  • Maximum Loaded current:250mA
  • Maximum stall current:500mA
  • Loaded speed:5000 rpm
  • Rated load:10g-cm
  • Starting torque:20g-cm
  • Material: metal

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The DC toy motor is a simple and root form of all the motors out in the market and is easily available, cheap, compact,robust, easy to use etc. The main application of these toy motors are in the toys with suitable reduction and controlling systems; this motor could be used with performance at its pinnacle. Toy motors are mainly used in DIY projects, school student projects, mini projects etc.

Due to the low operating voltage and high RPM (14000RPM) finds its application in all basic DC equipment. DC motor consists of coil, magnets, commutators, slip rings and terminals. The shaft of the motor is supported with the help of tightly sealed bushes, magnets are amalgamated to the motor housing inside of the motor, coil rotates with the shaft, voltage is fed to the commutator through the copper brush and leads to the rotation of the motor.

The direction of the motor could be reversed by changing the polarity of the copper brushes or the terminals joined to the brushes. The rotation speed of the motor can also be controlled using numerous ways, one is by using a potentiometer which reduces the feed voltage and truncates the speed of the motor.


  • Operating voltage 4.5V-9V
    Rated voltage 6V
    Current at no load  70mA (max)
    No-load speed 9000rpm
    Loaded current 250mA
    Rated load 10g*cm
    Motor size 27.5✕20✕15 mm
    Weight  17gm


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