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Transformer Center Tapped Step Down 24-0-24 24V 1A

  • Input Voltage : 220V AC
  • Output Voltage : 24V or 0V AC
  • Output Current : 1A
  • Step-down transformer
  • Operating frequency : 50Hz

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24-0-24 24V 1A Center Tapped Step Down Transformer

centre-tapped transformer also known as two phase three wire transformer is normally used for rectifier circuits. When a digital project has to work with AC mains this can be used to step-down the voltage and then convert it to DC by using a rectifier circuit. In a center-tapped the peak inverse voltage is twice as in bridge rectifier hence this can commonly used in full wave rectifier circuits. These are pure copper wound step down which reduce AC voltage to 24V .

These are of current rating of 1A which gives out 24V at both the ends and centre terminal  of 0V. These are mainly used for rectifiers and power supply apparatuses. Transformers are available in different voltage and current ratings for various different applications say 18-0-18V 1A and 12-0-12V 1A . For rectifications basic components such as diodes and capacitors are used with center tapped.

24-0-24 24V 1A Center Tapped Step Down Transformer


  • Type: Centre tapped step down
  • Voltage : 24-0-24V
  • Input Voltage : 220V AC
  • Operating frequency : 50Hz
  • Current : 1A
  • High quality
  • Pure copper


  • Electronics circuits,rectifiers.
  • Power supply devices.
  • Laboratory experimental circuits.


1 x 24-0-24 24V 1A Center Tapped Step Down Transformer


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